DJ Tony, the seasoned owner of Nor Cal Pro Sound, boasts an impressive career spanning over 20 years as a DJ, specializing in weddings and private events. His expertise and commitment have not only made him a highly sought-after DJ but have also established Nor Cal Pro Sound as a premier DJ company, revered across Napa, Sonoma, and the Mendocino Coast.

Under DJ Tony's guidance, Nor Cal Pro Sound has gained a stellar reputation, cementing its position as a well-respected entity in the industry. This acclaim extends to other wedding industry vendors, who frequently select DJ Tony for their own events, attesting to his skill and professionalism. Furthermore, numerous esteemed wedding venues throughout Northern California include Nor Cal Pro Sound on their preferred vendor lists, highlighting the company's wide-reaching recognition and trust within the community.

In addition to his remarkable presence in the wedding and private event scene, DJ Tony is also a celebrated guest DJ at various nightclubs across Northern California and Colorado.

This aspect of his career showcases his versatility and appeal to a broader audience, further enhancing his profile as a dynamic and experienced DJ capable of captivating diverse crowds. His ability to adapt to different environments, from the intimate settings of weddings to the vibrant energy of nightclubs, underscores his exceptional talent and solidifies his status as a leading figure in the DJ industry.

Tony Muzzin

Let me start with a bit of background info: I'm a huge music lover...

I've historically prided myself on the playlists I've made for many house parties over the years. As a result, I hesitated a bit at the idea of hiring a DJ for our wedding. With the exception of one wedding, every wedding I'd attended with a DJ made me think: "man, you could really just hire a random friend for cheap to mix up a few playlists". In our case, we had a destination wedding with 95% of attendees coming from far, far away, so we ruled out early the 'get a friend to do it' idea.

Enter Tony Muzzin. He came highly recommended by some friends of friends from near where we were getting married. So, we expected him to be good. However, he surprised us in two ways: 1) Tony is one of the most genuine, thoughtful and professional people we've dealt with, and this stands out in particular in the crazy wedding/special events world, and
2) Tony is an amazing DJ. He redefined our appreciation for what is possible for a DJ to deliver. I read all of the NorCal Pro Sound reviews before we hired him, and it's true that what I'm saying has been said in different words many times over. But, man, experiencing this guy DJing your wedding is something you just have to live to appreciate. He reads the crowd better than any DJ I've experienced, at a wedding or a club. Tony can do it all, with seamless transitions and all -- calm when you need calm, slow when you need slow, and CRAZY DANCE PARTY when you need that (and we ended up needing that, hard, for over 2 hours :).

Tony has a heart of gold, and he's a totally awesome DJ.
If you're looking for the best, you've found him.


Stop looking for a DJ and hire DJ Tony!

My wife and I got married in August 2019 in Petaluma, CA. Tony was our DJ.. but that title doesn't do him justice. I spent a great deal of time doing research for our DJ and if you are too, then you know you read as many reviews as you can but at some point you have to go with your gut. I'm writing this to tell you that this is the ONLY review you need to read.


He exceeded any expectations we had of what a DJ would be. Before the wedding, he was so excited for us and happy to talk through the song portal (which is nicely organized and easy to use), walk through the wedding details or give any helpful suggestions. Setting up he brought extra gear in case we needed it due to wind and was such a pleasant presence to have. As a DJ, he read the crowd, played our "must play" songs when they made the most sense and DJ'd the rest with incredible skill and professionalism.

As a sentimental gift, my mom gave whistles to my wife and I.. DJ Tony saw us wearing the whistles on the dance floor and without any prior knowledge, decided to play "the whistle song" immediately.. THEN at the point in the song when the whistles blow, he muted it so people could here our whistles blowing.. we were floored!!!


It was a big time highlight and DJ Tony made that happen! Our guests would not stop complimenting his service and general friendliness as well. The next time we need a DJ, I'm so happy I don't need to do any research because I'll be choosing DJ Tony or moving the date of the event to fit his schedule. Thanks Tony!


AH TONY! What a guy!! What a kickass DJ!

If you read nothing else, know that I would 10/10 recommend. Am seriously so so happy that I got to work with him, not only for my wedding but as a professional in the wedding industry. He and his team are so organized leading up to the big day, a few phone calls, plus an online planning tool that made the pre-planning easy and ultra organized, especially for the planner in me. He did a great job with the few suggestions that I gave him and we danced the WHOLE NIGHT. I have seriously never seen such a consistently packed dance floor in my 100 weddings as a planner.

I couldn't have imagined a better night with him as a part of my vendor team.
Thank you, Tony!


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