Planning Your Wine Country Wedding

Are you planning a wine country wedding? If so, this handy guide will give you some powerful and inspirational tips to help you get started.

Let’s face it: rolling fields, an abundance of natural light, and plenty of colors are just some of the reasons why more people consider a wine country wedding each year. The idea of hosting your wedding at a venue like a wine country vineyard is exciting!
If you’re planning a wine country wedding, you undoubtedly want your big day to happen without any problems. With that in mind, take a look at the following tips and tricks to help you plan the perfect wine country wedding.

Do Your Homework
As you can appreciate, there is plenty to plan when you organize a special event like a wedding. That’s why it makes sense to conduct plenty of research throughout the planning stages.
For example, are there any rules about noise at your chosen venue? Can everyone party well into the early hours, or do you need to turn the volume down at a specific time? How many guests can park at the venue? Those are just some of the many questions to answer!

Timing Is Everything
Let’s face it: the last thing you want to do is end up getting married at a time of the year where storms or potential downpours are likely. Getting married during the summer months makes perfect sense.

Ask What Drinks You Can Serve
You might assume that you can offer your wedding guests anything they want to drink. However, your venue may stipulate that you can only serve the wines or beverages they sell from their vineyards. Always ask what drinks you can serve at your venue.


Pick the Perfect DJ
When you want to get the party started, you need to use a wine country DJ who can get everyone dancing! When you choose a DJ, it’s essential to choose one that can keep the mood and vibe at your wedding reception perfect at all times.


Consider Wine-Inspired Color Schemes
You will undeniably want to have a specific color scheme at your wedding. It might seem like an obvious suggestion to make, but considering a wine-inspired color scheme will make perfect sense. You can draw inspiration from burgundies, mauves, and deep reds.

Check for Special Dietary Requirements
It makes no difference if you’ve got a handful of friends and family members at your wedding or hundreds of guests. You need to check if anyone has any special dietary requirements so you can cater to their needs. After all: you don’t want your guests to go hungry!

Hire Professional Photographers and Videographers
Lastly, you want to capture your special day and have a permanent record of it that you can look at time and again when you want to reminisce. Make sure you hire professionals photographers and videographers to record your wedding day the right way.

Final Thoughts
Planning a wine country wedding isn’t too dissimilar from organizing most other types of weddings. All you need to do is do plenty of preparation and research, and you can virtually guarantee a fun and stress-free event!